For children, it is more difficult for them to put into words how they are feeling which can lead to all sorts of issues affecting their natural enjoyment of being a child, which can also affect their learning abilities. These issues may present as anger, frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem and often an inability to regulate their emotions.

Choosing a therapist for your child

As with adults, for the therapy to work the relationship is key and yes with children it must also be safe and trusting. However, it is also very important that the child enjoys the sessions and looks forward to them.

How does therapy work with children

In primary school children a therapeutic relationship is facilitated through play. A child will explore through play not only what is happening for them externally in their environment but also what may be happening internally connecting to feelings and emotions. In play a child feels safe to express these feelings and emotions at a distance, with the therapist often integrated into this experience. The therapist creates a safe place for the child to explore their inner self through play without feeling shame or judgement. Once the child learns to trust the experience of this inner self this can result in an increase of self-confidence and often an improved ability to regulate their own emotions outside of the therapy room.

In adolescents, a therapist’s professional understanding of teenage life is essential as is an ability to connect to the young person without judging them for their behaviours, opinions and how they fit into families, education, and friendships. Trust and confidentiality are two of the many ingredients that are essential to facilitate a therapeutic relationship between the therapist and young person.


Mother, daughter, and son

Growing up in today’s society for two teenagers is both challenging and hard. My two babies had suddenly grown and between them argue, suffer with emotions and anxiety. As a mum, I had run out of options and needed help. I had been recommended Stephen Henshaw as a children’s counsellor, so I contacted him for support. They went to see Stephen for 6 weeks of counselling therapy and after each session came home feeling lighter more positive and less anxious. They both grabbed the opportunity to use this time with Stephen and although I was unable to sit in the sessions I could see and feel the progress made. My son controlled a situation amazingly where usually he would have got very angry. When I asked what made him deal with this so well? He said, “Stephen had a big influence on how I kept control”. My daughter has also praised Stephen’s positive influence he has had when dealing with her anxiety. As a mum watching from the sidelines to see the positive changes gave me therapy in itself, so I feel we were all helped by Stephen, I and my children have a saying which is that we all need a Stephen. 

Daughter A. aged 14
My sessions with Stephen were really relaxing and I was able to open up about my problems. Stephen listened to me and he was able to understand how I felt and my situation and gave me guidance to improve my feelings towards situations which gave me confidence, and after each session, I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, because of this I looked forward to each session.

Son A. aged 12
I have had some counselling therapy sessions with Stephen, and I learnt how to control my anger by using strategies I am learning to think before my actions and what I say. Stephen advised me on having the right attitude to help me in life. I thank Stephen for all his time and understanding, listening and good advice that I will keep and remember to help me through my life. I enjoyed every session; they were valuable, and I know where and to whom I can turn if needed again. Thank you, Stephen.

Father and daughter

After a lot of consideration and talks with my thirteen-year-old daughter, we decided that it would be good to see a counsellor. We were introduced to Mr Stephen Henshaw, this turned out to be a very good decision. Not only did Stephen help my daughter solve some of her problems but he had a huge impact on helping me solve problems of my own. I found him very professional and easy to talk to, as for my little girl she was going through a very bad time over the loss of her mum. Thank God I was introduced to this man after six visits to Stephen she has now turned a corner and making a remarkable recovery. I cannot thank this man enough for what he did for my little girl and I would recommend him to anybody.

Daughter aged 13
I found Stephen very easy to talk to and comforting, he put things across to me that taught me to be positive and I think I am going to have a lot of good times in the future. Thank you, Stephen, from the bottom of my heart.